gnome-calendar 3.24.2

About GNOME Calendar

GNOME Calendar is a simple and beautiful calendar application designed
to perfectly fit the GNOME desktop. By reusing the components which
the GNOME desktop is build on, Calendar nicely integrates with the
GNOME ecosystem.


* Fix crash in Week view (Mohammed Sadiq)
* Fix crash in changing the current date (Mohammed Sadiq)
* Properly update Week view's header when removing events (Orkun Tezer)
* Hide search popover when clicking outside it (Kevin Lopez)
* Updated translations for:
    * Belarusian (Yuras Shumovich)

=========  (3.64K)

======== (2.30M)
  sha256sum: da5c9a1cbf28235f03e595253213178816352ef0be97730e8a2278605feb8051

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