gjs 1.48.3

About gjs

GNOME JavaScript/Spidermonkey bindings


- Closed bugs:

  * arg: don't crash when asked to convert a null strv to an array [#775679,
    Cosimo Cecchi, Sam Spilsbury]
  * gjs 1.48.0: does not compile on macOS with clang [#780350, Tom Schoonjans,
    Philip Chimento]
  * Modernize shell scripts [#781806, Claudio André]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.48/gjs-1.48.3.tar.xz (580K)
  sha256sum: 669b7d78ad98390a762eec50d7cc637e25f196d986c0200d9f1c3a0e0cd90f33

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