girl 10.0.0

About GNOME Internet Radio Locator

GNOME Internet Radio Locator (GIRL) allows users to easily find live
radio programs on radio broadcasters on the Internet.  GIRL is
developed on the GNOME platform and requires GStreamer 1.0 to be
installed for playback.  Enjoy Internet Radio.


        * Bump version and add gstreamer pkgconfig dependencies
        * src/ Add girl-player.[ch]
        * src/girl-gui.c: Add girl-player functions
        * src/girl-player.c: Add gst-player functions
        * src/girl-player.h: Add gst-player functions
        * src/girl-station.c: Add girl_player_main function call
        * src/girl.c: Add GstPlayer *player global
        * src/girl.xml: Add Burst Radio ( and bump version

=========  (1.99K)

======== (1.11M)
  sha256sum: 4ad194862b4366334aef297161b55edb42a152196fae84d905d551680accde36

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