cheese 3.24.0

About Cheese

Cheese uses your webcam to take photos and videos, applies fancy
special effects and lets you share the fun with others. It was written
as part of Google's 2007 Summer of Code lead by daniel g. siegel and
mentored by Raphaël Slinckx. Under the hood, Cheese uses GStreamer to
apply fancy effects to photos and videos. With Cheese it is easy to
take photos of you, your friends, pets or whatever you want and share
them with others. After the success of the Summer of Code, the
development continued and we are still looking for people with nice
ideas and patches ;)


  - Fix build with new vala
  - camera: don't use hardcoded format
    Use gst_caps_fixate() to select the best format instead of trying to
    filter out a hardcoded format. Some cameras might not produce this
    format and thus fail to work.
  - Use Unicode in translatable strings
  - Added/Updated Translations
    - be, courtesy of Yuras Shumovich
    - ca, courtesy of Gil Forcada
    - cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký
    - da, courtesy of scootergrisen
    - de, courtesy of Paul Seyfert
    - el, courtesy of Efstathios Iosifidis
    - es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles
    - eu, courtesy of Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio
    - fi, courtesy of Jiri Grönroos
    - fr, courtesy of Charles Monzat
    - fur, courtesy of Fabio Tomat
    - gl, courtesy of Fran Dieguez

=========  (168)

======== (1.76M)
  sha256sum: 26d0324c11d858a53a8a78f60babda63310a2b6f46c8fa3a4f6aa36ca9d0f372

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