gnome-builder 3.23.92

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Our 3.24 RC is here with 3.23.92. We expect Builder 3.24 to be final next week.

Changes include:

 • A lot of -Wsign-compare compile fixes.
 • Fix inconsistent field in priority heap.
 • Ctags can now use ctags binary from the host.
 • Various Rustup fixes when running in flatpak.
 • Add support for gnome-code-assistance when running under flatpak.
 • Use Adwaita theme when under flatpak.
 • Use names for cursors instead of old-style enums.
 • Extract errors from vala compiler during builds.
 • Extract errors from gmcs/mcs (mono) during builds.
 • Much documentation has been added.
 • Subprocess FD fixes when using the flatpak development service.
 • EggTaskCache correctness improvements.
 • Fallback to ninja to discover VALAFLAGS with older meson releases.
 • Various terminal improvements when under flatpak.
 • Move flatpak downloads into downloads phase of build pipeline.
 • Add support for exporting an App.flatpak.
 • Add support for manually downloading dependencies.
 • Clang will fallback to CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS from environment variables.
 • Make buildsystem will now use $MAKE environment variable if specified.
 • The clone dialog will now strip whitespace from URIs.
 • Fixes in user-preferred-shell discovery.
 • The build panel is now shown upon first build (but without focus).
 • Before exporting, flatpak-builder will now be used to finish the
   build process and cleanup commands.
 • Builder will notify the user if flatpak-builder is not installed, as it
   is necessary for a good portion of the value of Builder.
 • Builder will look at manifest files to try to discover the build system.
   This is useful when projects have multiple build systems in transition.
 • Much polish to flatpak runtime installations.
 • Lots of Vala plugin fixes and cleanup due to recent Vala changes.
 • Autools project miner has reduced the depth of search to speed up
   application startup. We intend to switch to a custom tracker miner
   in a future release of Builder.
 • Various fixes for Meson inside of a flatpak runtime.
 • Fix cancellation of clone operations in the project greeter.
 • Don't pass --require-version to `flatpak build` when running.
 • Always use headerbar for about dialog.
 • Fix hysteresis in animation for editor overview map.
 • Various subprocess correctness improvements.
 • Use the diagnostics range for the source location if not specified.
 • Support for a basic "make" build system has been added.

Updated Translations

  Swedish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Kazakh, Korean, Chinese (Taiwan), Friulian,
  Galician, Finnish, Indonesian, Czech, German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese,

======== (4.14M)
  sha256sum: 4fca52a6ffa0d66454bed9b753b2409a69477ce5b8bbe5c46279285834696b09

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