gtef 1.99.2

About Gtef

Gtef is a library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based
text editors and IDEs. Gtef is the acronym for “GTK+ Text Editor


This is an unstable release leading towards 2.0. The 2.0 stable version will be
released at the same time as GNOME 3.24.

Basic GtkUIManager replacement based on GAction:
* Add an easy way to create a GtkMenuItem from a GtefActionInfo.
* Add a function to check that every GtefActionInfo in a GtefActionInfoStore
  has been used.
* Add reference counting to GtefActionInfo.
* Add GtefActionInfoCentralStore singleton class.
* Add gtef_action_map_add_action_entries_check_dups(), to check if there are
  duplicates when adding GActions to a GActionMap.
* Rename gtef_application_get_action_info_store() to
* Add GtefMenuShell, an extension of GtkMenuShell with the ::menu-item-selected
  and ::menu-item-deselected signals.
* Add gtef_menu_item_get/set_long_description().
* Add GtefApplicationWindow, an extension of GtkApplicationWindow with:
        * A statusbar property.
        * A function to connect a GtefMenuShell to the statusbar,
          pushing/popping the long descriptions of GtkMenuItems when they are
        * A function to connect a GtkRecentChooserMenu to the statusbar,
          pushing/popping the full paths.
        * A function to create a GtkMenuItem with a simple and generic
          GtkRecentChooserMenu as submenu.

* Add gtef_application_open_simple().
* Replace GNOME by GTK+ in the Gtef acronym. Gtef now stands for “GTK+ Text
  Editor Framework”.
* The project is now hosted on!
  The bugzilla product is not yet created.
* Add Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Indonesian and German

======== (414K)
  sha256sum: 8fd3a7ddebb039e2952b585d269e1cd5d1ec9bc3f167ac3e1ea0c93dd6dc0dea

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