gtef 1.0.0

About Gtef

Gtef is a library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based
text editors and IDEs. Gtef is the acronym for “GTK+ Text Editor


This is the first version of Gtef.

File loading and saving:
* Save and load file metadata. If GVfs is not available, there is a fallback
  implementation with an XML file (used e.g. on Windows).
* A new file loader based on uchardet (implementation not completely finished).

Starting the framework:
* GtefBuffer, a subclass of GtkSourceBuffer with additional features.
* GtefView, a subclass of GtkSourceView with additional features.
* GtefTab, contains a GtefView with GtkInfoBars on top.
* GtefInfoBar, a subclass of GtkInfoBar.

Starting code folding:
* GtefGutterRendererFolds, a basic gutter renderer for code folding.
* GtefFoldRegion, a foldable region in a GtkTextBuffer.

=========  (55)

======== (361K)
  sha256sum: 8d17c33adf6d7edd8c55f0bb8f4701c8d8822a67d28c389df04c775eb95fc1b4

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