simple-scan 3.25.3

About simple-scan

Simple Scan allows you to get images from a scanner (e.g. a flatbed


  * Add support for lossy webp image.
  * More preferences dialog design improvements.
  * Make saving asyncronous, multithreaded, cancellable.
  * Add colour to scan button.
  * Put email entry in hamburger menu (was removed in design changes).
  * Don't show welcome page if autloaded document.
  * Fix scan menu not working Unity/XFCE/MATE etc.
  * Don't use headerbar on i3 desktop.
  * Set a minimal version number for packagekit-glib2.
  * Translatable string / build rules improvements.

======== (316K)
  sha256sum: d731234773f70d1f74ec97e710f8148d0da21bb08355359a8644b75fbf743b92

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