libepc 0.4.6

About libepc

Easy Publish and Consume library


* Examples: Avoid some compiler warnings in the examples.
  (Murray Cumming)

Release 0.4.5

 * Replace (deprecated) g_thread_create() with g_thread_new().
   (Murray Cumming)
 * Remove use of deprecated g_type_init().
   (Murray Cumming)
 * Replace (deprecated) GStaticRecMutex with GRecMutex
   (Murray Cumming)
 * Don't use g_thread_init() or g_thread_supported().
   (Murray Cumming)
 * Avoid several compiler warnings.
   (Murray Cumming)

======== (391K)
  sha256sum: 215990847a8526c85774cb74fbcaea4c46866df58281b21dce5a62aac5da7ae8

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