gnome-online-accounts 3.25.3

About GNOME Online Accounts

GNOME Online Accounts provides interfaces so that applications and
libraries in GNOME can access the user's online accounts. It has
providers for Google, ownCloud, Facebook, Flickr, Windows Live,
Pocket, Foursquare, Microsoft Exchange,, IMAP/SMTP, Jabber,
SIP and Kerberos.


* Support Flickr (780138)

* Telepathy is disabled by default

* Bugs fixed:
 686131 kerberos: Prevent cryptic error string from leaking into the UI
 760440 backend: Use constructor to setup gettext
 770542 build: Fix running outside $srcdir
 772305 Advertise non-STARTTLS support for GMail
 779368 provider: Use an info bar for accounts needing attention

======== (1.35M)
  sha256sum: 133cd4858e3baeb7a8a3506ff015b1efef3470621a1b432390f70f11bb1371c8

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