jsonrpc-glib 3.25.3

About Jsonrpc-GLib

Jsonrpc-GLib is a JSON-RPC library for GLib. It includes support for
communicating as both a JSON-RPC client and server. Additionally, it
supports upgrating connections to use GVariant for less runtime


This new release of jsonrpc-glib contains a few fixes and additions.

 • Support for gtk-doc based documentation has been added. Use
   -Denable_gtk_doc=true to enable it when configuring Meson.
 • JsonrpcServer now supports a convenience API for handling incoming
   methods via jsonrpc_server_add_handler() and
 • Support has been added to allow jsonrpc-glib to be used as a Meson
 • jsonrpc-version.h now generates the proper values for checking
   compile time version information.
 • Various build options were canonicalized to use _ instead of -
   as a word separator.

Version 3.25.2

This is the first release of jsonrpc-glib.

This is an early project, but things seem to be working well so it's time for a
release.  You can use jsonrpc-glib to create both JSON RPC clients and servers.
Additionally, it supports connection upgrades to GVariant when both sides
support it instead of JSON to reduce parser overhead and lesson the chances of
memory fragmentation.

Things to note

 • Initial release of jsonrpc-glib.
 • We'll follow the GNOME release cycle.
 • You JsonrpcClient and JsonrpcServer should handle most of what you need
 • See jsonrpc-message.h for a convenient va_args based C API.


https://download.gnome.org/sources/jsonrpc-glib/3.25/jsonrpc-glib-3.25.3.tar.xz (34.9K)
  sha256sum: db15c492cc2b6c31cb05b6bc79991d71bee16877dc49bdc2c8c277f24949ff26

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