tepl 2.99.1

About Tepl

Tepl is a library that eases the development of GtkSourceView-based
text editors and IDEs. Tepl is the acronym for “Text editor product


* The library has been renamed from Gtef (GTK+ text editor framework) to Tepl
  (Text editor product line), to have a more beautiful name. The end of Tepl is
  pronounced like “apple”.
* Write a more complete introduction in the reference manual.
* Add Slovenian translation.

News in 2.0.1, 2017-04-21
* The bugzilla product has been created.
* Fix bug in gtef_iter_get_line_indentation().
* Add Hungarian, Russian and Friulian translations.
* Other small improvements.

News in 2.0.0, 2017-03-18
* Add Ukrainian and Serbian translations.

News in 1.99.2, 2017-03-12
This is an unstable release leading towards 2.0. The 2.0 stable version will be
released at the same time as GNOME 3.24.

Basic GtkUIManager replacement based on GAction:
* Add an easy way to create a GtkMenuItem from a GtefActionInfo.
* Add a function to check that every GtefActionInfo in a GtefActionInfoStore
  has been used.
* Add reference counting to GtefActionInfo.
* Add GtefActionInfoCentralStore singleton class.
* Add gtef_action_map_add_action_entries_check_dups(), to check if there are
  duplicates when adding GActions to a GActionMap.
* Rename gtef_application_get_action_info_store() to
* Add GtefMenuShell, an extension of GtkMenuShell with the ::menu-item-selected
  and ::menu-item-deselected signals.
* Add gtef_menu_item_get/set_long_description().
* Add GtefApplicationWindow, an extension of GtkApplicationWindow with:
        * A statusbar property.
        * A function to connect a GtefMenuShell to the statusbar,
          pushing/popping the long descriptions of GtkMenuItems when they are
        * A function to connect a GtkRecentChooserMenu to the statusbar,
          pushing/popping the full paths.
        * A function to create a GtkMenuItem with a simple and generic
          GtkRecentChooserMenu as submenu.

* Add gtef_application_open_simple().
* Replace GNOME by GTK+ in the Gtef acronym. Gtef now stands for “GTK+ Text
  Editor Framework”.
* The project is now hosted on gnome.org!
  The bugzilla product is not yet created.
* Add Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Indonesian and German

News in 1.99.1, 2017-01-26
This is an unstable release leading towards 2.0. The 2.0 stable version will be
released at the same time as GNOME 3.24.

File loading and saving:
* Finish the first usable version of the new GtefFileLoader.
* Use etags instead of mtime.
* GtefFileSaver: do not use an heuristic to know if it's a "save as" operation.
* Add GtefEncoding, a fork of GtkSourceEncoding to suit the needs of the new
  file loader.
* Re-usable code outside of GtkTextView: GtefFileContentLoader and
  GtefEncodingConverter (private classes).
* Various other small improvements.

Various features for text editors:
* Add GtefBuffer:gtef-style-scheme-id property.
* Add gtef_view_select_lines().
* Add gtef_view_goto_line() and gtef_view_goto_line_offset().
* Add gtef_iter_get_line_indentation().
* The GtefInfoBar class has been revamped.

Starting a basic GtkUIManager replacement based on GAction:
* Add gtef_utils_menu_item_set_icon_name()
* Add GtefActionInfo
* Add GtefActionInfoStore
* Note that those classes are a little out of scope for a text editor library.
  I would be happy to move those classes to a better library once the feature
  is finished and well-tested. The classes were added to Gtef for convenience.

* Add gtef namespace to GtefBuffer signals and properties to avoid potential
  conflicts with future GtkSourceView versions.
* Add GtefApplication with gtef_application_get_action_info_store().

* Add an intro with the pkg-config name.
* List API breaks.

* Improvements to the build system.

News in 1.0.0, 2016-10-26

This is the first version of Gtef.

File loading and saving:
* Save and load file metadata. If GVfs is not available, there is a fallback
  implementation with an XML file (used e.g. on Windows).
* A new file loader based on uchardet (implementation not completely finished).

Starting the framework:
* GtefBuffer, a subclass of GtkSourceBuffer with additional features.
* GtefView, a subclass of GtkSourceView with additional features.
* GtefTab, contains a GtefView with GtkInfoBars on top.
* GtefInfoBar, a subclass of GtkInfoBar.

Starting code folding:
* GtefGutterRendererFolds, a basic gutter renderer for code folding.
* GtefFoldRegion, a foldable region in a GtkTextBuffer.

https://download.gnome.org/sources/tepl/2.99/tepl-2.99.1.changes  (55)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/tepl/2.99/tepl-2.99.1.tar.xz (422K)
  sha256sum: a8e1c481b8cda6f9b1f4d14b04d5ddf722a3f2796e2b195e3d1ececa955b9c1b

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