gnome-tweak-tool 3.24.1

About GNOME Tweak Tool

GNOME Tweak Tool allows adjusting advanced configuration settings in
GNOME 3. This includes things like the fonts used in user interface
elements, alternative user interface themes, changes in window
management behavior, GNOME Shell appearance and extension, etc.


* Fix search (Rui)
* Fix running Tweak Tool if GNOME Shell is not running
* Only show Top Bar panel if GNOME Shell is running (Jeremy)
* Create config directories as necessary (Florian)
* Explicitly use python2 shebang
* Handle SIGINT (Alex)
* Require gnome-settings-daemon 3.23.3+ and pygobject 3.10+ (Jeremy)

  Jeremy Bicha, Rui Matos,  Florian Müllner, Alex Muñoz

 gogo [hr], Tiago Santos [pt]

======== (256K)
  sha256sum: 19226b374148d660330af9a8341087c2f869bb24355f4dcc87857169eca9f565

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