template-glib 3.25.2

About Template-GLib

Template-GLib is a templating library for GLib. It includes a simple
template format along with integration into GObject-Introspection for
properties and methods. It separates the parsing of templates and the
expansion of templates for faster expansion. You can also define
scope, custom functions, and more with the embedded expression


This is the first release of template-glib.

Template-GLib is a small templating library for GLib based applications. It
supports a fairly simple scripting style for templates as well as integration
with GObject Introspection. This allows templates to be created that need to
iterate through data found in real GObjects.

Currently, Template-GLib is used by the GNOME Builder project for project
templates, but we think it could be useful to other projects as well.


https://download.gnome.org/sources/template-glib/3.25/template-glib-3.25.2.tar.xz (50.6K)
  sha256sum: 43d3cc81ffdd8f6cb49f8bd6bec63c52b82c56f386013643e95c5450d086313f

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