latexila 3.23.1

About latexila

LaTeXila is an integrated LaTeX environment for the GNOME desktop. The
idea of LaTeXila is to always deal directly with the LaTeX code, while
simplifying as most as possible the writing of this LaTeX code.

To help the writing of the LaTeX markup, auto-completion is available
as well as menus and toolbars with the principal commands.

New documents are created from templates. There are buttons to
compile, convert and view a document in one click. And projects
containing several .tex files are managed easily.

A side panel contains three components: the document structure to
easily navigate in it; lists of symbols to insert them in a document;
and an integrated file browser.

LaTeXila has also other features like the spell checking, or the
forward and backward search to switch between the .tex and the PDF.


* Update code to not use deprecated GtkSourceView APIs.
* Use the Gtef library, available at:
  Some functionality has been moved from LaTeXila to Gtef.
* Change menu item label "Search Forward" -> "Jump to PDF" to not confuse it
  with the normal search and replace feature. And adapt the docs accordingly.
* Update the build system to use autoconf-archive macros instead of
  gnome-common. See:
* Translation updates

Release 3.22.1, 2016-12-18

======== (1.06M)
  sha256sum: b8642d1eb2bcab46a10af3ec25d2d25181287703b3a846fc2d750f5eeb7a7c1e

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