network-manager-applet 1.4.4

About network-manager-applet

Applet for managing network connections


Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-1.4.2

This is a new stable release of network-manager-applet.  Notable changes include:

* Added the capability to start inport of a VPN connection from the command line
    with "nm-connection-editor --import" option
* Allow editing of Ethernet link properties, such as link speed or duplex 
* Added support for creating and editing IP tunnel connections
* Added support for editing Proxy setting whe built with NetworkManager 1.6
    or newer
* Added support for TTLS/MSCHAPV2 method
* Improved the cloned MAC address selection
* Lot of bug fixes
* Translation updates

======== (1.37M)
  sha256sum: 693846eeae0986e79eb1cedfbc499f132f27a9976ef189a0f16938ac59ec3226

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