NetworkManager 1.5.91


* Added support for managing the MACsec links. Requires support in
    wpa_supplicant (version newer than 2.6).
* Support for configuration and discovery of Web Proxy settings with
    PacRunner service.
* The ipv6.method=shared is now supported, utilizing DHCPv6 Prefix
    Delegation option to obtain prefixes for the interface.
* Support for systemd-resolved local DNS forwarder backend.
* The configuration is now read from /run/NetworkManager/conf.d as well.
    This is useful for handing over configuration discovered on system
    startup to NetworkManager.
* The PPP manager can now be split into a separate package.
* Added initial support for PKCS#11 tokens with 802.1x authentication.

======== (3.62M)
  sha256sum: 748d4e0d282f2ae5ce5c1c027ea1f59be9ccbb0eeefe964ae30d1a12c226a877

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