gnome-music 3.23.4

About gnome-music

Music is the new GNOME music playing application.


* Revamp notifications and drop GdNotification
* More cleanups

Bugs fixed:
 776157 Improve notifications' interaction
 776849 Gnome-music crashes on clicking "select all" in album
 777127 Pressing back after no search results from single album view leads to
        force close
 777235 Pressing back button when searching through a subview, should turn
        search off and go back
 777216 PEP 8 fix :
 776673 Recompile resources when builddir is not same as srcdir
 772975 In a playlist repeatSong/shuffle/repeatSong take effect from the next

Thanks to our contributors this release:
 Abhinav Singh
 Alberto Fanjul
 Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
 Marinus Schraal
 Sambhav Kothari

Translations updated:

======== (1.48M)
  sha256sum: c69f3dc7090444cdb92e34516188e1304f745ef69a9d04a27ffb22f14fcfc8f3

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