glib 2.51.1

About GLib

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects
such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C,
portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as
an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.


* glib-compile-resources grew a --generate-phony-targets flag

* GLib now installs a valgrind suppressions file for GLib and GIO

* Bugs fixed:
 666114 should have infrastructure to run its tests under valgrind
 729730 GDBusMessage: Fix segfault if DEBUG_SERIALIZER is enabled
 730932 statically assert that reasonable assumptions about enums are true
 735731 gobject: Document behaviour of GType checking macros on NULL
 736810 gdbus: Fix leak in g_dbus_message_print()
 762283 GSocket – Fix race conditions on Win32 if multiple threads are waiting on cond...
 767609 Test suite problems
 767952 g_dbus_method_invocation_return_*, g_dbus_method_invocation_take_error: They d...
 769672 Assert threads for testcase 642026 are sucessfully created
 769745 gtask: Add guards for public functions
 770175 Add command line argument to mkenums and genmarshal to write output to a file
 770646 glib: Namespace global tapset variables by soname
 772160 Add g_unix_mount_for() support
 772989 Totem allows invalid urls that might cause segfault that's irrecoverable
 773823 gio: Bump copy buffer size to 256k by default
 774086 fix g_main_context_check declaration
 774368 Dependency file output of resource scanner breaks Ninja
 774421 Two minor patches
 774520 GSocket allocates and processes control messages even if not requested
 775309 Crash in gdbusauth
 775468 Improve log write supports color method on windows
 775510 testing with -fsanitize=undefined reports various undefined behaviour
 775517 Password input is echoed in the terminal
 775621 gmessages: Fix compilation on Android
 775765 FDO notification withdrawal backend sends wrong ID to the server
 775913 subprocesslauncher: potential infinite loop in verify_disposition()
 776198 Stray semicolon after g_variant_print() function in gvariant.c
 776586 License headers cleanup
 777077 Use of memory after it is freed

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese

=========  (54.8K)

======== (7.28M)
  sha256sum: 1f8e40cde43ac0bcf61defb147326d038310d75d4e50f728f6becfd2a36ac0ac

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