gtksourceview 3.23.2

About gtksourceview

GtkSourceView is a portable library that extends GtkTextView, the
standard GTK+ framework for multiline text editing. GtkSourceView adds
support for configurable syntax highlighting, unlimited undo/redo,
search and replace, a completion framework, printing, file loading and
saving, and other features typical of a source code editor.


This version still uses GTK+ 3. A GtkSourceView 3.24 version is planned (still
depending on GTK+ 3), which will be released at the same time as GNOME 3.24 in
March 2017.

* Docs: add an introduction with the pkg-config name and which GTK+ version is
* Build fixes on MS Windows.
* New syntax highlighting definition files for: ABNF and HAXE.
* Improvements to the syntax highlighting of: JavaScript, PHP, Meson, CSS, ini
  and Rust.
* Translation updates.

======== (1.54M)
  sha256sum: 1e6e2372fed53b3b6ecb70e5d9a00dda86677a2b27514a28cf648a9b2204a183

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