gtk-vnc 0.7.0

About gtk-vnc

A VNC viewer widget for GTK+


 o CVE-2017-5884 - fix bounds checking for RRE, hextile and
   copyrect encodings
 o CVE-2017-5885 - fix color map index bounds checking
 o Add API to allow smooth scaling to be disabled
 o Workaround to help SPICE servers quickly drop VNC clients
   which mistakenly connect, by sending "RFB " signature bytes
 o Don't accept color map entries for true-color pixel formats
 o Add missing vala .deps files for gvnc & gvncpulse
 o Avoid crash if host/port is NULL
 o Add precondition checks to some public APIs
 o Fix link to home page in README file
 o Fix misc memory leaks
 o Clamp cursor hot-pixel to within cursor region

=========  (5.15K)

======== (438K)
  sha256sum: 3c2eae7c9053338939a32c9987156a12b802ffd5c7f80702ba8d483dfc6d483e

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