pangomm 2.41.1

About pangomm

C++ bindings for Pango


This is the first release of the pangomm-2.42 API/ABI.
It installs in parallel with the pangomm-1.4 API/ABI, of which
the most recent version is pangomm 2.40.1.

* Require C++14.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Use glibmm-2.52 instead of glibmm-2.4.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Use cairomm-1.16 instad of cairomm-1.0
  (Murray Cumming)

=========  (816)

======== (803K)
  sha256sum: f05d90dcb54dda72b1db8fb618da19b5ac5f2d7275f604ec424e4db77e8230c7

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