gnome-software 3.23.2

About gnome-software

GNOME Software is for installing, removing and updating software.


Released: 2016-11-21

This is an unstable release in the 3.23 development series, with the following
 * Add a setting for downloading updates on metered connections
 * Add content rating interface for games
 * Add support for pending updates that are applied on demand
 * Add support for the flatpak DefaultBranch feature
 * Allow showing an application review without a display name
 * Convert the modal failure dialogs to in-app notifications
 * Switch to using the ODRS server hosted by GNOME

The following bugs are also fixed:
 * Always get the newest screenshot for GNOME Shell extensions
 * Avoid redownloading the same screenshots for different images
 * Don't download updates when low on power
 * Fix the growth in memory usage for every search request
 * Never show a 'back' button when showing search results
 * Show the search bar when the user does ctrl+f

This release also updates translations.

======== (3.71M)
  sha256sum: e2e0c41d14b947300c727b82e6ac6dbc0c6ae360c0dba84726530d2c83976cd1

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