chrome-gnome-shell 7.2

About chrome-gnome-shell

Web extension for Google Chrome/Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera (and other
WebExtensions capable browsers) and native host messaging connector
that provides integration with GNOME Shell and the corresponding
extensions repository


== Changes ==
 * Fixed Ubuntu/Debian packaging.
 * Prepared extension to site update.
 * Code cleanup.

== Translations ==
 * Danish (Alan Mortensen)
 * Occitan (C├ędric Valmary)

== Known issues ==
 * Native host connector is not working in Google Chrome when installed via Debian Sid repository
   or Ubuntu 16.10 Universe repository. To know "why?" look
   here (,
   here ( and
   here ( For a workaround
   look here
 * Web extension is broken on FreeBSD because of bug 212925

======== (136K)
  sha256sum: b86a5df45c4e44d1179806b0cf385a3c0d7a85faaafe4a7f0bd8779c86459ef5

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