msitools 0.96

About msitools

msitools is a set of programs to inspect and build Windows Installer
(.MSI) files. It is based on libmsi, a portable library to read and
write .MSI files. libmsi in turn is a port of (and a subset of) Wine's
implementation of the Windows Installer.


- Add libvirt-glib.wxi
- Update nettle to 3.2.1
- Fix implicit declaration of mkdir in the testdatabase
- Disable -Wbad-function-cast (build-sys)
- Removed unneeded workaround (build-sys)
- Remove non-existent libvirt-glib translations
- Fix translations's path for libvirt-glib
- Add adwaita-icon-theme.wxi
- Add pcre.wxi
- Add pcre as glib2 dependency
- Remove virt-host-validade (libvirt.wxi)
- Update libspice-client-gtk dll version
- Add support to external cab handling (msiextract)
- Update adwaita and glib for f25
- Update
- Fix "make -j"
- Update gstreamer1 to 1.10.0
- Update gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free to 1.10.0
- Drop spice-gtk.wxi (spice-gtk2)
- Updade nettle to 3.3
- Remove libidn's locale data
- Translations

======== (887K)
  sha256sum: 1b3e194a94747362a2d8d9b7c512c540ccb69e4dbd1dbc2d999a8a44d0b6729e

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