evolution 3.22.2

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Bug Fixes:
        Bug 772150 - Can't add or edit email signatures (Milan Crha)
        Bug 772803 - Inline images cause busy loop on Reply in WebKitWebProcess (Milan Crha)
        Bug 772590 - Hitting Backspace causes mail contents to shrink font size momentarily (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 772916 - Composer incorrectly warns about switching from HTML to text when a message snippet is 
selected (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 772918 - Using keyboard shortcuts undo/redo is broken (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 773164 - copy pasting paragraphs and then undoing - redoing is broken (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 769733 - Meeting invitation cannot change calendar (Milan Crha)
        Bug 773033 - Switch from Work Week to Week view on 'Select today', if needed (Milan Crha)
        Bug 772858 - Alarm-notify should not open disabled sources (Milan Crha)
        Bug 773396 - Pasting with midlde mouse button and Shift pressed doesn’t cite text (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 773236 - Memory leak from e-editor-dom-functions.c:save_history_for_input (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 771821 - Make magic-spacebar work again with WebKit2 (Milan Crha)
        Bug 773494 - Composer doesn't respect dpi settings (Tomas Popela)
        Bug 773864 - Flashing format combo value on mouse-wheel scroll (Tomas Popela)

        If body contains just the empty block, then nothing is sent (Tomas Popela)
        Make the EContentEditor accessible in tests (Tomas Popela)
        Consume return value of gtk_clutter_init_with_args()/gtk_init_with_args() (Milan Crha)
        Use unique D-Bus service name for WebKit editor and cancel pending calls on dispose (Milan Crha)
        Do not steal focus when alarm notify dialog is shown (Milan Crha)
        EEditorPage is never freed (Tomas Popela)
        Fix e_mail_display_get_selection_plain_text_sync() (Tomas Popela)
        The "Reply from preview selection" feature is wrong for multipart messages (Tomas Popela)
        Correct the mime type of preview selection string (Tomas Popela)
        Tests are expecting the font-family attribute on BODY (Tomas Popela)
        Skip the tests that are known to fail (Tomas Popela)
        Extra quoted character on the end of the quoted PRE element if it ends with BR element (Tomas Popela)
        Renew spell-check only in viewport and not in the whole document (Tomas Popela)
        Editor is not marked as changed after some operations (Tomas Popela)
        Fix possible crash (use-after-free) under mail_send_receive() (Milan Crha)

        Fabio Tomat (fur)
        Kjartan Maraas (nb)
        Peter Mráz (sk)
        Tom Tryfonidis (el)
        Christian Kirbach (de)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.22/evolution-3.22.2.tar.xz (11.7M)
  sha256sum: 670e4cb620d30a57480c7c6f4cfe4e3bef6175a6dddadb2a8607f3532a693d34

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