gtkmm 3.21.2

About gtkmm

C++ bindings for GTK+


* Clipboard: Add get_selection().
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)
* Device: Add get_axes(), signal_changed() and many properties.
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)
* Display:
  - Add methods and signals related to Gdk::Monitor.
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)
  - Deprecated get_screen().
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)
* GLArea: Add set/get_use_es() and property.
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)
* GLContext: Add set/get_use_es()
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)
* Add Monitor.
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)
* ShortscutsShortcut: Add "action-name" property.
* Visual: Deprecate get_byte_order(), get_colormap_size(), and get_bits_per_rgb().
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)i
* Window: create_gl_context() and signal_create_context():
  Correct the reference counting.
  (Kjell Ahlstedt)

* IconInfo, PaperSize, TextIter, TreeIter, TreePath, TreeRowReference:
  Deprecated operator void*, replacing it with explicit operator bool.
  (Murray Cumming)
* PrintSettings: Make create_*() from public, not protected.
  Noticed by Phil Wolff:
  (Murray Cumming)
* TreeView: _auto_store_on_cellrenderer_text_edited_numerical():
  Catch the exception from std::stod().
  This is a regression since version 3.17.80.

=========  (3.83K)

======== (11.8M)
  sha256sum: c99c3bf992f8ce1372b3f0cc71a7244fa02935e62cda07272b7eefdaa18b0358

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