gnome-software 3.21.2

About gnome-software

GNOME Software is for installing, removing and updating software.


Released: 2016-05-23

This is an unstable release in the 3.19 development series, with the following
 * Add a --details-pkg option to the gnome-software binary
 * Add support for flatpak packages
 * Add a plugin to auto-add some license information
 * Add depends, requires and conflicts at initialize time
 * Add support for application key colors
 * Export a set of headers to allow external plugins to be built

The following bugs are also fixed:
 * Do not crash if plugins are badly behaved
 * Do not directly load pixbufs in the AppStream plugin
 * Do not unconditionally invalidate the updates list on hardware hotplug
 * Find the best AppSteam component when matching any prefixes
 * Fix crash due to network change before app activation
 * Fix launching various KDE4 applications
 * Support getting cached content from /var/cache and /usr/share

This release also updates translations.

======== (3.40M)
  sha256sum: 1825066af85c5cabf46bed07e541286501dfad22f8d1b5cdba1ec32fe32f4f3c

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