gnome-builder 3.20.4

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Builder 3.20.4 is here with another round of bug fixes and performance
improvements and additional translations.

 • Support for opening remote files has been re-introduced.
 • Support for $CFLAGS, $CXXFLAGS, and $VALAFLAGS for projects
   without autotools support.
 • Automake VALAFLAGS extraction improvements.
 • Fixes for an editorconfig build-system issue that caused .editorconfig
   settings to be ignored.
 • When generating ctags via automake, no longer perform a full build.
 • Various CSS style tweaks.
 • Fix a leak of GtkMenu instances via the project tree.
 • Autotools no longer performs an autogen when cleaning the project.
 • Build output was eroneously editable.
 • Fix an unref of a non-owned object during symbol lookup.
 • Allow disabling restoration of previous files as startup.
 • Allow projects to exist in ~/.local, for those working on shell
 • Ensure the projects directory is available at startup.
 • Ignore symlinks when mining ctags directories.
 • Show better default values for number of build workers.
 • Load gtksourceview style schemes from gedit directory.
 • Support for reindent when multiple lines are selected.
 • Vala integration will now load versioned and unversioned
   vapi directories.
 • Fix a hard to trigger infinite loop at shutdown due to GDBusServer
   spinning trying to accept sockets.
 • Various search improvements. (Fangwen Yu)

Updated translations for:

 • Swedish (Anders Jonsson)
 • Brazilian Portuguese (Enrico Nicoletto)
 • Portuguese (Tiago Santos)
 • Hungarian (Gábor Kelemen)
 • Polish (Piotr Drąg)
 • Serbian (Марко Костић)

Happy Hacking!

======== (1.73M)
  sha256sum: b3e69495cd0fcfd3e3a7590f52aadaae7f45393eefd47ab5581a851cdd489041

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