NetworkManager-libreswan 1.2.4

About network-manager-libreswan

Provides easy connections to IPsec VPNs using NetworkManager and


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-libreswan-1.2.2

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager-libreswan.  Notable changes include:

* Fix connection import to only accept files with a [conn] section
* Prefer building against stable libsecret API
* Split into a GTK-free core plugin
  usable by nmcli and a UI plugin for nm-applet and gnome components.
* Add configure option to set system-paths for building in non-standard prefix.
* Support NM_VPN_PLUGIN_DEBUG environment variable to control debug
  logging from NetworkManager.
* Updated Czech, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese
* Various cleanups

======== (332K)
  sha256sum: aefaa47172ab86fe6d2c3d2aa543b6f2c37aba0d4374de867a3f6b1a1a1e9a3a

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