evolution 3.20.3

About evolution

Manage your email, contacts and schedule


Bug Fixes:
        Bug 766540 - Add missing library to build of calendar/gui/ (Tim Lunn)
        Bug 766713 - Remove attachment does not work on multiple level message structure (Milan Crha)

        Fix some issues found by Coverity Scan, cppcheck and clang (Milan Crha)
        Explicitly center attachment bar expander vertically (Milan Crha)
        Avoid NULL dereference in mail-send-recv.c:free_send_data() function (Milan Crha)
        EHTMLEditorActions - Paste Quotation action is always active (Tomas Popela)
        EHTMLEditorImageDialog - Border and alignment are not set properly (Tomas Popela)
        EHTMLEditorView - Background image from page is removed when saving draft (Tomas Popela)

        Sveinn í Felli (is)
        Kjartan Maraas (nb)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.20/evolution-3.20.3.tar.xz (11.5M)
  sha256sum: 57f85675c12dc2c8e3a3a4fb65348ab0b9b078fd06e026208f2efe60d885b970

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