gnome-calculator 3.18.3

About GNOME Calculator

Calculator is an application that solves mathematical equations and is
suitable as a default application in a Desktop environment


    * Fix: Chinese Yuan symbol, fixes #761075 (Alberto Ruiz)
    * Fix: MathDisplay grabs focus after being shown, bug #748743 (Elita.A.A.Lobo)
    * Fix: Missing mnemonic bond in Gross Profit Margin dialog (Martin Simon)
    * Fix: Check if base exponent are complex for xpowy() method (Gerlof Fokkema)
    * Fix: Prevent infinte loop on some operations with imaginary numbers, bug #757657 (Kyle Green)
    * Fix: e^(-0.5) returned the wrong value, bug #756960  (Felix Pelletier)

======== (1.28M)
  sha256sum: c376a4a14a3f7946b799b8458ac4cf2694735fc7c20e90cfda29e209439e32ff

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