libpeas 1.17.0

About libpeas

libpeas is a GObject-based plugins engine, and is targeted at giving
every application the chance to assume its own extensibility.


* Fix Python plugin loader module paths
* Do not add pyexecdir to Python's paths at runtime
* Add support for embedded C plugins
* Order the PeasEngine:plugin-list by dependencies
* Keep plugins order in PeasExtensionSet
* Misc bugfixes

* Translation updates:
  - Basque
  - Chinese
  - Lithuanian
  - Occitan
  - Serbian
  - Serbian (Latin)

=========  (19.0K)

======== (544K)
  sha256sum: 31341c5d2b347d270f3a1b112b6f1c14d14e03231ce99d842cc0cc57e24404ba

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