gnome-music 3.19.4

About gnome-music

Music is the new GNOME music playing application.


Bugs fixed:
 Let GtkApplication automatically load the app-menu
 Refactor the way we connect menu actions
 758942 Use grilo 0.3 for GNOME 3.20
 758942 Fix deprecation warnings in GTK+
 Update libgd from master
 Scale the playlist name to match the mockups
 759024 Use the path of the filter model in search results
 739924 Make search find strings with accents
 759882 Fix warnings when switching between stack pages
 Add symbolic icon
 760033 Make albumart fetching truly asynchronous
 760033 Defer serialization of default icon
 760033 Set model on the view after all insertions happened
 760033 Remove check for dup jobs
 760033 Don't add items on idle
 760033 Depend on Tracker >= 1.7.1
 759587 Rework songs, artists, playlists, and albums queries
 Pass width/height during pixbuf loading
 751163 Restrict music catalog to the Music folder
 760381 Use GIO async APIs to download cover art
 734958 Increase the maximum width of the artist and track name

Translations updated:

======== (1.46M)
  sha256sum: 7303fd4e39f2dc91a90355e1e8b0b5df1ce932bcc74dbf21f989ac63ab0f41b3

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