gxml 0.8.1

About GXml

GXml provides a GObject API for manipulating XML. Most functionality
is provided through libxml2. Currently, GXml provides the DOM Level 1
Core API.


Most changes improves GIO GLib.File use, trying to read/write any file from/to
local or remote locations.

* GXml.Document gains a backup property, set to true by default to save files
  with a backup operation
* GXml.Document.save_as() now is abstract, you should implement it.
* GXml.Document.save_as() now should not overwrite its file property

* GXml.DomException.warning() now is deprecated use exception(), now message on
  errors just printed when -D DEBUG is used at compile time
* Added Xmlx.reset_last_error() and used to cleanup errors before each operation
* Added Xmlx.context_get_last_error() to deprecate parser_context_get_last_error ()
* Added Xmlx.context_reset_last_error()
* Xmlx methods now have sanity checks asserts

* xDocument.from_stream() now use GIO internally to open any GLib.File valid object
* xDocument.from_string() now don't fails on XML with no root
* xDocument.save_to_stream()  now use GIO internally to write to any GLib.File valid object

* TwDocument.save_to() deprecated by save_as() from GXml.Document implementation

* New Translations:
  * Added German translation by                 Mario Bl├Ąttermann
  * Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by   Rafael Fontenelle

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gxml/0.8/gxml-0.8.1.changes  (3.75K)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gxml/0.8/gxml-0.8.1.tar.xz (773K)
  sha256sum: 5fd365b3021e196940676f5f66918b278f9a9222f603ba6019d6dd19272377b3

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