genius 1.0.21

About genius

Genius Math Tool


* Add vibrating drumhead modes example, heat equation with explicit FDM,
  improve the Laplace FDM example
* Fix output of chopped floating point numbers, especially chopped
  imaginary parts
* Fix output of results as floats in pretty print
* Fix SurfacePlotVariableNames to redraw when changing variable names
* Translation updates (Мирослав Николић, Rafael Fontenelle,
  Wolfgang Stöggl, Samir Ribic, Piotr Drąg, Miguel Rodríguez Núñez,
  Marek Černocký, Dimitris Spingos, Pedro Albuquerque, et moi)

* During making of these changes the author (Jiri) was partially supported by
  NSF grant DMS 1362337 and the Oklahoma State University

=========  (1.72K)

======== (2.42M)
  sha256sum: f8c06a4d0aefc1bc934e993aaf8f913451d06c2bae378da1071c3bacf39ed934

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