gnome-calendar 3.19.90

About GNOME Calendar

GNOME Calendar is a simple and beautiful calendar application designed
to perfectly fit the GNOME desktop. By reusing the components which
the GNOME desktop is build on, Calendar nicely integrates with the
GNOME ecosystem.


* Updated translations for:
    * French (Alexandre Franke)
    * German (Mario Blättermann)
    * Hungarian (Balázs Meskó)
    * Latvian (Rudolf Mazurs)
    * Polish (Piotr Drag)
    * Slovak (Dusan Kazik)
    * Spanish (Daniel Mustieles)
* Many classes are now final classes
* Added visual clues for days with events on Year View (Isaque Galdino)
* Renamed icon to match the application id (Cosimo Cecchi)
* All interface elements that shows the calendar color are now updated accordingly
* A huge rework on Calendar internals
* Improved the quick add popover
* Added a keyboard shortcuts window

=========  (29.1K)

======== (2.20M)
  sha256sum: 755fa2835a0eb7486dbb3ca9d87fcbfa87ed05b20c57479f84df36860f11aeac

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