glib-networking 2.47.90

About glib-networking

glib-networking contains the implementations of certain GLib
networking features that cannot be implemented directly in GLib itself
because of their dependencies.

Currently it contains a GNUTLS-based implementation of GTlsBackend, a
libproxy-based implementation of GProxyResolver, and a GNOME
GProxyResolver that uses the proxy information from the GSettings
schemas in gsettings-desktop-schemas.


  * gnutls: The non-PKCS#11 TLS plugin now uses gnutls's certificate
    validation code directly, rather than attempting to build a
    certificate chain itself first. [#753260 and others, Dan Winship]

  * gnutls: Fixed a leak when closing a connection during an implicit
    handshake [#736809, Philip Withnall]

  * gnutls: Fixed "make check" without PKCS#11 support [#728977,
    Gilles Dartiguelongue]

  * gnutls: Various changes in preparation for DTLS support (but not
    the actual DTLS support itself) [#697908, #735754, Philip
    Withnall, Olivier CrĂȘte]

  * Updated translations: Occitan

======== (382K)
  sha256sum: fa82cdc3048e27cd91a54b2e9da807e1b8c5a3f70a7a3de8505e4a109d116623

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