gnome-nibbles 3.19.90

About gnome-nibbles

Guide a worm around a maze


Dependencies: GTK+ 3.18

* Fix CSS problems
* Add proper end game screens for all possible outcomes
* Use the new scores import API from libgames-support
* Fix problem with buttons breaking the game during the end game screens
* Fix window size increasing with GTK+ 3.20
* Fix bug with worm being briefly uncontrollable at the start of a level
* Add buttons for selecting the number of AI players
* Update project license
* Add screen congratulating the player when reaching the last level of the game
* Updated translations


======== (1.57M)
  sha256sum: ee6cf6e5d20a5a08dcb7f65c64630efcb764c7ac798a7175c2e60c495a339ae4

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