gnome-calculator 3.19.90

About GNOME Calculator

Calculator is an application that solves mathematical equations and is
suitable as a default application in a Desktop environment


    * New: Upgrade license for all source files to GPLv3+ (Michael Catanzaro)
    * New: Use Soup instead of GVFS to download the IMF/ECB currency data (Alberto Ruiz)
    * Fix: Silence a compiler warning (Michael Catanzaro)
    * Fix: Remove Lithuanian litas from currency list (Michael Catanzaro)
    * Fix: Fix use of GtkStyleContext for GTK+ 3.20 (Michael Catanzaro)
    * Fix: Clarify license on number.vala (Michael Catanzaro)
    * Fix: Clarify license on mpfr.vapi (Michael Catanzaro)
    * Fix: Installed tests: Update expectations (Matthias Clasen)
    * Fix: Set the accessible name on the mode chooser (Matthias Clasen)
    * Fix: Do not reset second currency on first currency change, fixes #260166 (Robert Roth)
    * Fix: Fix Chinese Yuan symbol, fixes #761075 (Alberto Ruiz)
    * Fix: Add a missing tag to the AppData file (Richard Hughes)
    * Update: Upgrade appdata (Michael Catanzaro)
    * Update: Translation (Translation team)

======== (1.28M)
  sha256sum: 4311c6f768c7f727202f774d301419e6b61dc1f8eb87f988a1e342d5529c48bd

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