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Fixed bugs:

 - #645620, Mis-handling of external-URL <book base=> in .devhelp2
 - #696904, each class name is listed twice
 - #723135, Ctrl-K shortcut is not discoverable
 - #741806, Add support for XF86Back/XF86Forward keys
 - #743704, Add "Ctrl =" keyboard shortcut for zoom in
 - #757177, Add keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs (Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn)
 - #757877, Provide a shortcuts window
 - #758141, Misc code enhancements
 - #759691, Search problem: do not jump to the exact link if another link
            with a longer name exists
 - #759692, Search: a trailing space is sometimes added to the entry
 - #761407, Add context to strings in the shortcut window

Updated translations: de, el, es, hu, lt, lv, pl, pt_BR, sk

Many thanks to all contributors: Balázs Meskó, Tom Tryfonidis, Rafael
Fontenelle, Sébastien Wilmet, Richard Hughes, Mario Blättermann, Piotr
Drąg, Aurimas Černius, Nirbheek Chauhan, Daniel Mustieles, Rūdolfs
Mazurs, Dušan Kazik

======== (476K)
  sha256sum: 7c9165d332dcbe8b703d76a5e2044df4e518f8ea96b6b0d859c41b413620cf0e

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