clutter-gst 3.0.16

About Clutter-Gst

Clutter-Gst is an integration library for using GStreamer with


List of changes

 o Make gudev an optional dependency

 o Bunch of documentation fixes

 o Auto video sink memory leak fixes

 o Auto video sink background now defaults to black

 o Video sink caps RGBx/BGRx naming fix

 o Video sink frame display fix on loaded systems

 o Video sink cleanups on stop()

Many Thanks to:

   Chris Mayo
   Gilles Dartiguelongue
   Nicolas Dufresne

======== (397K)
  sha256sum: 803e8b7265e63e0581e21fd0c6064792dfe951512e9f515e9e7a9b452caaf9f0

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