shotwell 0.23.6

About shotwell

Shotwell is a digital photo manager designed for the GNOME desktop
environment. It allows you to import photos from disk or camera,
organize them by keywords and events, view them in full-window or
fullscreen mode, and share them with others via social networking and


  * Fix locale-dependent times
  * Use nl_langinfo instead of custom LConv
  * Fix renaming of tags and saved searches
  * Improve message shown on empty camera
  * Make thm a recognized extension for JPEG files

Bugs fixed in this release:

All contributors to this release:
 - Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
 - Rūdolfs Mazurs <rudolfsm src gnome org>
 - Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag gmail com>
 - Mario Blättermann <mario blaettermann gmail com>
 - Christian Kirbach <Christian Kirbach gmail com>
 - Balázs Úr <urbalazs gmail com>
 - Balázs Meskó <meskobalazs gmail com>

Added/updated translations
 - de, courtesy of Christian Kirbach
 - hu, courtesy of Balázs Úr
 - hu, courtesy of Meskó Balázs
 - lv, courtesy of Rūdolfs Mazurs
 - pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg

=========  (4.77K)

======== (5.07M)
  sha256sum: 47860038865cb9915684952fed9235ce2ece3c2eb07b6452e5b002e414d3a82b

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