gnome-control-center 3.21.90

About gnome-control-center

GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop


- Fix truncated panel names for larger fonts
- Port to libnm 1.2
- Translation updates

- Add option to enable and disable overscan compensation when
  supported by the driver
- Ensure only one output is set as primary
- Separate interlaced from normal modes

- Fetch renderer information from gnome-session
- Show OS build-id

- Update to a new design

- Show only relevant widgets for the hardware we're able to detect
- Detect and warn if we're running on the synaptics driver
- Make all listbox rows unactivatable
- Remove superfluous GtkListBoxRow
- Allow keyboard navigation/focus to the Touchpad section switches
- Offer a separate option for edge scrolling
- Don't allow two-finger and edge scrolling at the same time

- Use VPN plugin paths as specified in the .name files
- Ensure the Wifi list is updated as networks appear/disapper
- Hide firewall zone combo when firewalld is not running
- Remove bridge, bond, team, VLAN and virtual devices support - these
  are most useful on non-desktop systems for which a UI like Cockpit
  is better suited
- Remove the first page of the "Add Connection" wizard
- Update wireless-security UI from network-manager-applet
- Remember "Ignore CA certificate"
- Fix removed connections not disappearing
- Fix hotspot silently failing with long hostname
- Fix several crashes

Online Accounts:
- Don't use deprecated GoaProviderGroup API
- Add a Calendar group
- Let goa_provider_show_account create the full UI


=========  (16.3K)

======== (6.85M)
  sha256sum: 632d0298306f196cb059ff98af20eed820bfa4bf08b24ba22ba2a58df21a88b8

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