tracker 1.9.1

About Tracker

Tracker is a semantic data storage for desktop and mobile devices.
Tracker uses W3C standards for RDF ontologies using Nepomuk with
SPARQL to query and update the data.

Tracker is a central repository of user information, that provides two
big benefits for the user; shared data between applications and
information which is relational to other information (for example:
mixing contacts with files, locations, activities and etc.).


  * Tracker-resource: New API to describe RDF resources that can be serialized
      into SPARQL updates and various data formats. TrackerSparqlBuilder will
      be eventually phased out by this API.
  * Tracker-extract:
    * Use tracker resource integrally.
    * Fixed blacklisting of crashy files.
    * Fixes in gstreamer module for 32-bit platforms
  * Libtracker-control:
    * Expose "index for process" miner API
  * Command line tools:
    * Add "tracker extract" subcommand
    * Accept INSERT DATA, DELETE DATA and DELETE WHERE syntax again.
  * Libtracker miner: Fix accounting in TrackerPriorityQueue when removing

Translations: cs, de, es, fr, hu, id, lt, pl, pt, sk

=========  (11.0K)

======== (4.74M)
  sha256sum: 70f38d2f71d1d14b68d60d4f0dc8fa1296687a3b9bc7ac951ba02605cb02883e

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