gnome-maps 3.21.90

About gnome-maps

Map application based on OpenStreetMaps map data


Hello there!

So we will stop using a redirect from to Mapbox tile server.
Instead we will attempt to download a service.json file from
This file will tell us where our third-party services are. Starting with
tile services. This is for two reasons. 1) It is much faster and 2) Mapbox
didn't like the redirect approach.

Changes since 3.21.4:

- Download a service.json file to get tile server URI among other things.
- Use GtkClutter for the attribution logo, to get transparency.

Added/updated/fixed translations:
  - Hungarian
  - Slovak
  - Hebrew
  - Czech
  - Arabic
  - Finnish
  - Brazilian Portuguese
  - Indonesian
  - Brittish English

All contributors to this release:
Andika Triwidada <atriwidada gnome org>
Balázs Úr <urbalazs gmail com>
David King <amigadave amigadave com>
Dušan Kazik <prescott66 gmail com>
Gustavo Marques <gutodisse gmail com>
Jiri Grönroos <jiri gronroos iki fi>
Jonas Danielsson <jonas threetimestwo org>
Marek Cernocky <marek_cernocky conel cz>
Mattias Bengtsson <mattias jc bengtsson gmail com>
Safa Alfulaij <safa1996alfulaij gmail com>
Yosef Or Boczko <yoseforb src gnome org>

======== (1.03M)
  sha256sum: 2f41314339cd391d21602f4ad7eac53f170ef8750497edf18542479613fe21c5

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