gnote 3.21.0

About gnote

A note taking application


New Features:
  * GTK+ 3.20 is required
  * Undo will now undo last user action as single unit (#747202)
  * Added shortcuts window
  * Added <Ctrl>Left accelerator to go from note to main window

  * Enter key will find next match when searching in note (#700624)
  * Fixed formatting buttons when selection is mixed formatting (#702248)
  * Fixed crash on first run when data migration is required (#765791)
  * Fixed disabling application plugins
  * Fixed Windows size shrinking when switching from/to note (#764464)
  * Fixed tab key activating search, while it shouldn't (#767834)
  * Escape will close search when search entry has focus
  * Make --search always show main window in search mode (#769906)

  * Updated translations:
    - Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
    - Czech (cs)
    - German (de)
    - Hungarian (hu)
    - Indonesian (id)
    - Lithuanian (lt)
    - Polish (pl)
    - Portuguese (pt)
    - Spanish (es)

======== (3.15M)
  sha256sum: 81bfbb1a9e3ec4afa5e8c799031e20694e8ff5b188b529e24825be509b5d13c0

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