gtk-vnc 0.6.0

About gtk-vnc

A VNC viewer widget for GTK+


Important changes:

 o Default to build with GTK-3, use --with-gtk=2.0 to override

New features:

 o Add --with-tls-priority configure flag to set default TLS
   priority string
 o Add a 'vnc-error' signal to report reason for disconnect
 o Add support for fallback to GNUTLS system trust DB

Bug fixes:

 o Fix crash on Windows with GTK3 checking realized state
 o Fix XKB detection of keyboard mapping with Xwayland
 o Switch back to XKB detection for Xwayland
 o Remove duplicate cert expiry check
 o Avoid misc compile warnings
 o Add missing API docs + GObject introspection annotations
 o Add missing GIO dep on gvnc library GObject introspection build
 o Remove unused code
 o Fix redraw on Win10
 o Drop support for gnutls < 2.2.0
 o Fix path to h2def script
 o Update compiler warning detection to fix clang build
 o Ignore cast align warnings to fix clang build
 o Fix endianess inversion when setting pixel format

=========  (4.93K)

======== (429K)
  sha256sum: 9559348805e64d130dae569fee466930175dbe150d2649bb868b5c095f130433

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