gnome-chess 3.21.90

About gnome-chess

Play the classic two-player boardgame of chess


* Update appdata(Sahil Sareen)
* Fix style-checker with new libgnome-games-support(Sahil Sareen)
* Fix valac warnings about static const(Michael Catanzaro)
* Stop using intltool(Michael Catanzaro)
* Remove 3D from desktop file comment(Michael Catanzaro)
* Use namespace instead of class for BitBoard(Michael Catanzaro)
* autogen: Improve style of style checker enablement code(Michael Catanzaro)
* Updated translations

======== (2.65M)
  sha256sum: 76d77361701f08e5c5e277986c2d1ec3288bdae64d3ffaa5541a6e488c05e64e

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