atk 2.21.90

About atk

The interface definitions of accessibility infrastructure


* Bug 764883: Add some missing argument (out) annotations
* Add Language headers to po files
* MSVC/win32
   * MSVC Builds: Add a Common Autotools Module for Introspection (Bug 764983)
   * MSVC Builds: Generate the Introspection Build Commands (Bug 764983)
   * Clean up atk-introspection-msvc.mak
   * Visual Studio builds: Include version info in property sheets
   * Visual Studio builds: Generate atk.pc
   * Visual Studio 2008 builds: Ensure pc file is generated before "install"
   * Visual Studio builds: Make .pc generation more flexible
   * build/win32/ Allow custom options
   * build/win32/ Fix dependent package string

Piotr Drąg, Chun-wei Fan, Rico Tzschichholz

GNOME Translation Robot (gd), Cédric Valmary (oc)

======== (727K)
  sha256sum: 98f965333ef6dff54bb2042ebb5158d61d0619599878de3742f89f75f0773628

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